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VIDEO: LeBron James stages his own Dunk Contest in Heat warmups

Four notes on LeBron James' personal dunk contest.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

NOTE #1: LeBron James has never been part of the NBA Dunk Contest, which means this grainy video of Miami Heat warmups might be the closest we'll ever come to seeing the hype realized. At the 35-second mark, please enjoy LeBron flipping the ball through his legs, then off the backboard--all in midair--and then catching it off the backboard and dunking over either Chris Bosh or maybe Rashard Lewis.

NOTE #2: There are 5 or 6 different ways this could've gone wrong, and if someone had attempted this at All-Star Weekend it would've taken a solid 18 attempts to complete it and by the end we all would've wanted to die.

NOTE #3: LeBron just does shit like this out of boredom.

NOTE #4: LeBron James may never enter the dunk contest at All-Star Weekend, but if he ever did, it might just split the earth in half.

(via Trey Kerby/Reddit)