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Warriors vs. Pacers fight: Players, Twitter react

The Golden State Warriors and Indiana Pacers got into a heated altercation in the fourth quarter of Tuesday night's game. Naturally, everyone had a unique opinion on what they saw.


The fight that took place between several Golden State Warriors and Indiana Pacers players on Tuesday night didn't end when the teams exited the court. There was still a lot to be said afterward by both sides.

A quick recap of the altercation will yield the fact that Warriors forward David Lee and Pacers center Roy Hibbert got involved in a shoving match, which quickly escalated into a fight involving almost every player on the floor.

Warriors guard Stephen Curry got mixed up with Hibbert, who shoved him to the ground as he tried to pull Hibbert away. David West also got into the mix. Then, things got even more confusing.

Let's see if the players can sort some of it out, beginning with the man who was at the center of it all.

"Seriously, I didn't even feel him," Hibbert said of Curry. "I saw some light-skinned guy. I don't know if it was Klay Thompson or Steph Curry, I just knew there was a light-skinned guy by me."

Curry chalked it up to being part of the game:

"It was just physical play," Curry said. "Teams are gearing up for playoff basketball and amping up the intensity a little bit."

Lee didn't point fingers, instead choosing to highlight that the Pacers always play physically:

"Indiana's a very physical team," Lee said. "They're one of the most physical teams, if not the most physical team in the East."

From Yahoo! Sports NBA Insider Marc Spears:

One man's opinion. What did West have to say?:

"There were two or three guys coming after (Hibbert)," West said. "We preach and talk about togetherness, so that's part of what we're going to do. We're going to defend one another. They came after him too many times."

Hibbert went on to say that he believes he will earn a suspension as a result of his actions, though no official word has been handed down from the league. The good news is that no players left the bench for either side, and that the long-term effects on both squads for now appear to be minimal.

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