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Stephen Curry's 54 points generate plenty of reaction

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On an incredible night of NBA action, Stephen Curry stood out from the crowd with a historic performance at the center of the basketball universe in New York City.

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Stephen Curry chose perhaps the best night on the best stage to showcase his incredible long-range shooting prowess against the New York Knicks -- it's almost a shame it came in a losing effort.

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Curry was virtually unstoppable in his 54-point effort and hit a career-high 11 three-pointers, including four straight at one point in the second quarter. He had 23 points in the second, his most ever in a single frame.

He broke the Warriors' franchise record of nine three-pointers, which was previously held by Dorell Wright. If the sports world didn't know there was a special player in Curry playing in the proverbial bubble known as the West Coast, they all do now. It couldn't have been more apropos for him to put his incredible talent on display in Basketball Mecca. Again, it's a shame the loss overshadowed it.

As expected, his performance garnered plenty of reaction from folks around Twitter:

And of course, from the man himself:

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