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The Miami Heat's 'Harlem Shake' video is extremely ... something

Because it seems people can't get enough of the Harlem Shake, the Miami Heat are here to dance for us.

Lord, how I hate this Harlem Shake craze. But I'll watch pretty much anything with NBA players dancing, Shammgod help me.

Thankfully, there's some redeemable stuff here and we have all the GIFs you'll need. LeBron dancing in full king attire with a huge grin is pretty fantastic (at least to me), and Chris Andersen dancing like a real birdman at the beginning is fun, I guess. The shoutout to Kanye West is a nice touch from Dwyane Wade, too.


I'm just going to sit here and pretend they were just dancing without that music and without everyone else in masks. Thank goodness for GIFs.


Chris Bosh as John Cusack was pretty good, too, I suppose. I can't not love such a goofball.


Seriously, Mario, is this the only move you know?


Ray Allen, if this is the beginning of your return to Hollywood, this is a bad omen.


Alright, LeBron, anything else?


Uhhh, ok.

H/T to the Miami Heat and LeBron