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Joakim Noah records monster triple-double against 76ers

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In an ugly game, Joakim Noah's impressive performance shown through easily as the best part.

Jonathan Daniel

In his third career triple-double, Joakim Noah exploded for 23 points, 21 rebounds and 11 blocks in Chicago's primetime game against the Philadelphia 76ers.

In a difficult-to-watch game, the Bulls center was all over the floor, swatting the 76ers' poor attempts in the paint and snatching just about any loose rebound he could grasp. As a team, the 76ers average about 10 offensive rebounds per game, through 55 games. Noah has eight tonight by himself.

Blog-a-Bull: Noah's triple-double leads Bulls to 93-82 victory

In fact, this is the first ever triple-double with at least 20 points, 20 rebounds and 11 blocks with a field-goal percentage of at least 66.7 percent since at least 1985. It's possible (and very likely) that goes back way further, but that's as far as's statline look-up machine can take us back. It doesn't get much more efficient on both sides of the ball than that.

Offensively, Noah was just as effective, not that Spencer Hawes was capable of slowing him down much. Offensive rebounds turned into tip finishes, driving layups, finishing through contact - Noah was absolutely fantastic tonight, even if the rest of the game wasn't quite on his level.

Alas, if only he put his finger gunz on display for us, it would have been absolutely perfect. But I guess we can let it slide for this history-making night.

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