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Slam Dunk Contest 2013 participants announced, James White leads the list

There will be some pretty cool dunks thrown down on All-Star Saturday night, that much we do know.

Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

James White leads the field of Slam Dunk Contest 2013 participants for the Feb. 16 event in Houston. The NBA announced the participants Thursday night on TNT, and one of the field of six will follow in the footsteps of Jeremy Evans, who won the event last year in a slim margin against Chase Budinger.

LeBron James won't be in the Dunk Contest this season, but that ship sailed many years ago. Nevertheless, this season's field features more than a few interesting names.

James White: Your favorite dunker's favorite dunker. White has become a legend in the basketball community for the displays he's put on in the D-League dunk contest, as well as overseas. The question is, at the age of 30, are his hops what they once were?

Jeremy Evans: Last year's dunk champion has flown under the radar this season, but his leaping ability and length at 6'9 always make him a threat.

Terrence Ross: Maybe the early favorite, Ross has already established himself as one of the NBA's premier dunk artists in his rookie season. Could he be the next shooting guard who ascends to stardom with a transcendent performance on one of the NBA's biggest stages?

Eric Bledsoe: At 6'1, he's the shortest of this year's participants in a contest that has always favored the little man. But while he doesn't have the size of his competitors, he wasn't dubbed "Mini-LeBron" for nothing. He can get up.

Kenneth Faried: The "Manimal" has become a fan favorite due to his relentless energy level on the court. Can he replicate that in a more controlled setting?

Gerald Green: The cupcake dunk enthusiast is back again. Green, the 2007 champion, is averaging just over seven points per game for the Pacers this season.