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Chandler Parsons calls out Blake Griffin for below-the-belt cheap shot

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Chandler Parsons has some surveillance footage he wants you to see.

There are several great things about the YouTube video Chandler Parsons posted on Twitter on Thursday afternoon, titled "The Silent Assassin". Before we get to them, here's the back-and-forth between Parsons, the Rockets' emerging second-year wing and Blake Griffin, Clippers All-Star, "Lob City" originator and all-around funnyman.

Here's Chandler alerting the public of Griffin's cheap shot:

And Blake response:

Now: why is this so great?

1. The Sound

Plug in headphones and turn this up real loud: That white noise you hear in the background combined with the low quality video to make this seem like surveillance footage. This is bank robbery-type stuff, controversial and barely noticed.

2. Griffin's deadpan look after contact

I didn't didn't see anything happen. Did you see anything happen? /stares blankly into eternity

3. Chandler Parsons reads sports blogs!

SB Nation is here for you, Chandler. Got more footage of Blake doing villainous stuff? Need added exposure for your ongoing campaign with Jeremy Lin to win the NBA's Best Bros award? Our ear is always open.