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Rajon Rondo injury: Celtics guard has partial tear, could be back sooner than expected

Rajon Rondo's ACL injury is reportedly a partial tear and could have him back on the court sooner than was first expected.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Rajon Rondo won't play again this season for the Boston Celtics after suffering a knee injury but he could be back on the court a little quicker than was originally expected. Rondo's agent Bill Duffy told that his client had actually suffered a partial tear of the ACL, and they are very optimistic about his return.

"It's still too early to tell for sure," his agent Bill Duffy told "But we are very optimistic about his return now that we know his injury is only a partial tear and not a full tear."

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Rondo was expected to return in time for the start of next season and this news further supports that. Dr. James Andrews is among the doctors that Rondo is reportedly consulting with. He is said to be further educating himself on what type of surgery will be performed as well as what doctor would be performing it.

The Celtics have won six straight without Rondo, but there is no doubt that they are a much more dangerous team with their All-Star point guard than without.