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LeBron James likes chocolate chip cookies

This is a very important dispatch regarding the baked-good preference of one LeBron James:

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

As LeBron James is often wont to do, he shot 9 of 11 from the floor tonight and scored 30 points in the Miami Heat's win over the Los Angeles Clippers. Then after the game, as James is often wont to do, he said this when asked about "the Lakers saga."'s Sergio Gonzalez tweeted the quote, somewhat oddly, as a Twitpic:


May we now establish the following points on the tweet itself and the quote therein, in order of appearance:

  1. Twitter's software, contrary to popular belief (nobody believes this), does not allow for searching hashtags within images.
  2. LeBron begins this diplomatically. He's ready to brush it off in a way that is plain and professional if not boring and like 98 percent of professional athletes (not to say that's a good or bad thing).
  3. He's gonna leave it alone. He repeats himself, perhaps to convince himself that's the right thing to do.
  4. wut

James is quite possibly -- perhaps probably -- the world's best basketball player. He was a teenage phenomenon who took the unfathomable expectations of the world and his wife, and he has to this point in his career exceeded them. He's still finding ways to one-up himself -- his shooting night tonight confirmed his four-game stretch shooting 43-of-59 as the best of his career,'s Tom Haberstroh said -- and he will continue to do so, because he is LeBron James, and he is as truly amazing as he is funny and weird and silly. And he is very funny and weird and silly.

Never change, LeBron. Never change.