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LeBron James' pre-game warmup dunks are still amazing

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Why can't we just make him participate in the dunk contest?

Magic Johnson just said he'd put up a million dollars to see LeBron James in the dunk contest. Since his baseball team just dropped $147 million on Zack Greinke, that doesn't really mean anything, but it's very easy to understand the sentiment watching LeBron throw down these absolutely ridiculous warmup dunks.

'Bron's been doing these for a while now, and they don't get any less impressive or ridiculous with age. He's easily doing things that guys in the dunk contest needed multiple attempts to do, failed to do entirely, or never even thought to try. This is what he's doing when he's screwing around in practice. Can you imagine James' dunks if he actually took the time to practice some intricate ones? Good god.

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