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These Vince Carter quotes will remind you of slow, creeping death

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Vince Carter is getting old, and so are you.

Getty Images/Jed Jacobsohn

Over at the New York Times, Steve McPherson checks in with Vince Carter with a great story on his rebirth in Dallas the last few years. But there's also some questions about dunking, as Vince says, “Back in the day, I didn’t really care. I’m suffering now.”

Half-man half-amazing is a fully middle-aged human, it turns out. More:

Asked if dunking is as much fun as it looks, he grimaces. “Nowadays? I do it because I can, but sometimes, the landings suck. That takes the toll on your body. If it’s needed, it’s needed. But if I can make the two points by layup, I’m going to do that. You have to be smart about it.”

... Carter has learned the game lasts much longer than a dunk. “When you’re younger,” he said, “you don’t really care how you land when you come down.”

"If I can make the two points by layup, I’m going to do that," said the greatest dunker of all time.

So, so horrible. Vince Carter doesn't like dunking anymore because it hurts his knees and he's getting older, and we're all getting older if you think about it, and everyone gets older because that's just how life works, and eventually more time will pass and Vince will retire and stop dunking altogether and then eventually you'll retire, too, and before long here we'll all be dead and nobody will even remember who Frederic Weis was.


Let's remember the better days. While we can.