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Danny Granger injury: Pacers forward to miss next three games

The Indiana Pacers will be without Danny Granger for at least three more games.


Indiana Pacers forward Danny Granger will miss the next three games before his knee is re-evaluated, according to contributor Scott Agness. At the very least, that will put Granger out of action through a game against the Philadelphia 76ers on Saturday.

The Pacers will definitely be without Granger for a home game on Wednesday against the Minnesota Timberwolves, a hosting of the Los Angeles Lakers on Friday and then the Sixers game Saturday. Head coach Frank Vogel added that any clearance after the reevaluation won't necessarily mean Granger will return for a game against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Monday, either.

Granger returned to the team for only five games after undergoing an offseason knee procedure, but after two games of playing 10 or less minutes and being of little help, Indiana shut down its leading scorer for last season.

And in three games since being sidelined, the Pacers have gone 1-2, with losses to the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat sandwiching a victory against the Orlando Magic.

As they have done for most of the season, the Pacers will continue through their schedule without Granger. Indiana is currently tied with the New York Knicks at nine games back of the Eastern Conference-leading Heat.

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