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The DeAndre Jordan dunk now has its own commemorative t-shirt

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Under Armour

We've all seen the DeAndre Jordan/Brandon Knight fatality a thousand times--but here, watch it again because it's just that ruthless--and now there's a t-shirt to commemorate Jordan's Hall of Fame reaction to the dunk.


But really it's commemorating everything this week.

So yeah, that shirt's pretty cool now, but it will be a 100 times cooler in five years when someone sees you wearing it and says, "Oh wow, remember how insane that was? That one week in March in 2013 when the internet nearly lost its mind?"

Then you'll start talking, somebody will pull up the YouTube clip on their phone and everyone will freak out, and then someone will say, "Hey remember that one column saying we should be ashamed of how modern basketball culture glorifies plays like this"?

Then you'll laugh, and laugh, and laugh, because that was just the most amazing thing.

It'll all be great.

You can buy the t-shirt over at Under Armour, where they have an additional design available, plus an Instagram contest for fans who want to imitate DeAndre's reaction for the chance to win tickets to a Clippers. All part of the insane aftermath that we'll remember fondly in 2018.