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Andray Blatche wants to return to Brooklyn Nets next season

Andray Blatche of the Brooklyn Nets feels like he has found a new home in Brooklyn and hopes to return to the Nets next season. Can Brooklyn fit him into their salary cap structure?


Andray Blatche will be a free agent this summer but would prefer to stay with the Brooklyn Nets. Blatche said, "everything about this organization is great, so hopefully I can come back", via Mike Mazzeo of ESPN New York:

"Most definitely. I love it here," Blatche told ESPN on Saturday. "We've got a great team here, a great staff. The fans are crazy. I mean, everything about this organization is great, so hopefully I can come back."

The Nets could have a hard time bringing back the big man given their current salary structure, but with Blatche still collecting money from the Washington Wizards after being amnestied, he could potentially come at a discount to Brooklyn. The lower the salary value of his contract next season wherever he ends up signing, the higher the amount of money that the Wizards will have to pay, and Blatche is well aware of this and willing to force Washington to pay more money. In fact, Blatche prefers to keep the "pressure" on the Wizards, via Stefan Bondy of NY Daily News:

"If I get a lot (in my next contract), yeah, it’s going to take pressure off the Wizards," he said. "But that’s why I’m not going to do that."

Blatche also states the money will not be his first concern, but wants to play "as many minutes as possible", via Mazzeo:

"Money's not the (biggest thing). It's more I just want to go somewhere where I can play. I want to play as many minutes as possible."

On the season, Blatche is averaging 10.1 points and 5.2 rebounds in the 18.9 minutes per game he plays with Brooklyn off of the bench.

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