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LeBron James dunks on people: a compilation

In honor of LeBron's evisceration of Jason Terry on Monday, we compiled some of the most notable dunks of the King's career.


You probably noticed Jason Terry getting absolutely got Monday night, when he tried to contest LeBron James' breakaway dunk and got completely destroyed, with James eviscerating the Celtics' guard on an alley-oop.

We immediately got to wondering: where does this stand in the pantheon of LeBron James ending basketball players' lives with his dunks?

Well, it's somewhere in there. Here's a compilation of some of James' most vicious dunks on players, although it's hardly a complete list.

Damon Jones (2005)

This dunk has a lot of the same makings as the Jason Terry dunk: a steal, a fast break, a teammate dumping the ball off to a 6'9, 250-pound man-beast charging full-force, and a just solitary, hapless guard known for irritating everybody by celebrating every three he makes standing in his way. Damon Jones jumps, and then quickly realizes he shouldn't jump:

Jones decided that if you couldn't avoid being mercilessly dunked on by them, you might as well join them, signing with LeBron's Cavs and spending several years by James' side.

Also, 10 SB Nation points to any commenters that spot Wang Zhizhi in that video.

John Lucas III (2012)

This one is either the most impressive or the least impressive. Lucas has his head turned on a lob from Dwyane Wade, and James elevates up and over the 5'11 Lucas for the alley-oop finish. Like, literally. Over him.

Lucas would get his revenge with a 24-point outing in a Chicago win over Miami later in the season, but that doesn't really count as revenge, does it?

Rasheed Wallace (2007)

Remember the year LeBron James singlehandedly willed the Cavs to the NBA Finals? He did it by getting past a Detroit squad that had been known for their defense, and he did it violently:

Sheed was always a tough interior defender that typically got his money's worth out of plays like this, giving an opponent a shot to make sure they didn't try it again. Here? Not a chance. Straight up and over one of the more intimidating defenders of the mid-2000s.

Delonte West (2009)

Most of these videos feature the defender trying to contest the shot. Delonte here doesn't so much try to contest as much as look up and realize he's about to get absolutely demolished by James.

Of course, when people think "LeBron James and Delonte West," various other things come to mind, so West has done a pretty good job making sure we forget this.

Alonzo Mourning (2007)

Zo goes down as one of the best shotblockers in NBA history, but as a result of all those contested shots, he also goes down as one of the guys who had a reputation for getting hammered on. LeBron got one on him the year after the Heat won the NBA title:

Tim Duncan (2006)

This isn't the most thunderous dunk in the bunch, but the way Tim Duncan just staggers backwards after not jumping is just priceless:

Kevin Garnett (2008)

KG tries to give LeBron a little forearm shiver, but LeBron goes up and over.


Jason Terry (2013)


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