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Chris Paul flops, is in so much imaginary peril

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The anguish on Chris Paul's face is just heartstopping ... until you realize he is trying to pull off an unbelievable flop.

YouTube Screenshot

Oh no, Chris Paul looks to be in great pain! His arms are flailing everywhere, his face is locked in a horror grimace, he is losing his balance! This will not end well. Pray for ClipperSteve.

What the ... ohhhh, CP3, you rascal!

No foul called here, so no actual harm done to anything other than the argument that CP3 is not an epic flop artist. That argument was already pretty thin, to be honest. With this single play, it disintegrated.

Big ups to kiantech, who understandably couldn't stifle a chortle, for posting it. It came to me via @Aykis16.

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