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Andrew Bynum's season with the Sixers in one perfect anecdote

One April anecdote perfectly explains Andrew Bynum's season in Philadelphia.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Let's keep this short and sweet, just like Andrew Bynum's Sixers career. Wednesday was picture day for the Sixers. From John Finger of

Though there were a lot of different faces in this year's photo, there were two that were conspicuous by their absences.

One was Jason Richardson, who was rehabbing his surgically-repaired knee. The other was Andrew Bynum, who also is rehabbing his knees in New York City. Though his uniform was hung in his locker, Bynum did not make the trip to Philly to smile for the camera.

A Bynum jersey hanging in a locker, the player supposed to be filling it nowhere to be seen. Yep. Go Sixers.

When you drink tonight, drink for our poor friends over at Liberty Ballers. This season just wasn't very nice to them.

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