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Stan Van Gundy not interested in current coaching openings, according to report

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Van Gundy will remain patient while weighing the options for his next coaching opportunity.

Douglas Jones-US PRESSWIRE

Former Orlando Magic coach Stan Van Gundy is not interested in any of the initial NBA coaching opportunities that opened up this week in Philadelphia, Cleveland and Detroit, according to a report.

Of course, Van Gundy's stance on any of the three jobs is subject to change as the offseason advances. Once the draft lottery positions are set and playoff teams continue to join the offseason fray after elimination, there will likely be more job opportunities for Van Gundy to consider. In the end, a job with the Sixers, Cavs or Pistons may become more appealing.

But for now, Van Gundy is content to conduct coaching clinics, which he is doing now in Montreal, and observe how the remainder of the NBA season unfolds without a coaching job.

Van Gundy has a career coaching record of 371-208 for a .641 winning percentage in his two coaching stops at Miami and Orlando. He coached for five full seasons in Orlando with two 59-win seasons and an overall record of 259-135 before a falling out with star Dwight Howard last season ended with both parties leaving the Magic.

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