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Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverley go at it

Westbrook and Beverley aren't on the best of terms in Game 2 of the series between the Rockets and Thunder.

Russell Westbrook remained in Wednesday's game against the Houston Rockets despite a knee injury after colliding with Rockets guard Patrick Beverley. Halfway through the second quarter, Beverley ran into the right leg of Westbrook while going for a steal as Oklahoma City pushed the ball up the court in order to call a timeout in front of Scott Brooks' coaching box.

Westbrook fell after the hit. Seething as he got up from the court, Westbrook looked ready to give Beverley words about the risky steal attempt, but grabbed at his right knee, grimacing in pain, before heading to the bench.

Westbrook didn't miss a beat, coming back after the timeout and immediately stealing the ball from Beverley and scoring on a fast-break layup. He had 11 points and two assists after the play. A few minutes later, Beverley again knocked Westbrook to the ground, and had his hand slapped away by Westbrook after offering the Thunder guard help.

Beverley, who signed with Houston during the middle of the season, made his first NBA start on Wednesday as the Rockets play with a smaller starting lineup.

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