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NBA Playoffs 2013: Wednesday night in GIFs

There were three pretty great games on Wednesday night between the Rockets-Thunder, Pacers-Hawks, and Lakers-Spurs. Miss anything? Catch up on all of the important and hilarious GIFs from Wednesday's action.


The Hawks and Pacers got us off to a smashing start on Wednesday night. Indiana took care of business to take a 2-0 series lead with a 113-98 victory at home and did so with authority. Check out Roy Hibbert and Gerald Green throwing down crazy dunks.



In Oklahoma City, the Thunder edged the Rockets, 105-102, to protect their home court and take a 2-0 series lead. In the first half, Russell Westbrook got quite upset at Patrick Beverley. He was not looking for friendship in this game. Russmad_medium

Speaking of friends, the Thunder welcomed back their old friend, James Harden. And James Harden made himself right at home on this huge jam down the lane.


The Rockets made a late run and it turned into a really close game. But for a while, the Thunder were cruising with a solid lead and the OKC fans were loving it. So many things happening in this GIF.


Perhaps the biggest play in that game was this no-call on an offensive foul committed by Kendrick Perkins. Thabo Sefolosha drilled a wide open three. But he probably wouldn't have been so wide open if Perkins wasn't holding hands with Chandler Parsons.



In the late game, the Los Angeles Lakers tried to steal a game on the road in San Antonio. Their defense wasn't particularly good on this dunk by Kawhi Leonard.


Oh and their offense wasn't great on this turnover by Steve Blake.


But in the end, the Spurs cruised to a 102-91 win. Manu Ginobili capped off the Spurs' win with this slick behind the back pass for a dagger three.