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NBA Playoffs 2013, Thursday night in GIFs: Heat cruise, Nets and Clippers fall, bears dunk

If you missed Thursday night's NBA games, catch up with some .GIFS.

Thursday was a lively night of playoff basketball. The Bucks gave the Heat a little trouble early, but collapsed in the second half to go down 3-9. Brooklyn went ice cold in Chicago to fall behind 2-1 to the Bulls. Home court held in Clippers-Grizzlies, with Memphis pulling to 2-1. But what REALLY happened?

Brandon Jennings had quite a bit of trouble passing basketballs:



There was a butt on Mike Dunleavy. TNT found the butt:


Larry Sanders gave us a new kind of LARRY SANDERS! highlight: a magical, meandering coast-to-coast drive and finish:


Taj Gibson put one DOWN on Kris Humphries:


Gerald Wallace's rough night included getting dropped and daggered by Luol Deng:


Over in Memphis, Quincy Pondexter said a bad word:


...or maybe he was shouting "MOTH INFARCT"? Probably that.

Zach Randolph took a hard foul from Matt Barnes and it looked very much like they were going to fight, but...


Nope, it's all love. Hostile, hateful, suspension-avoiding love.

And in closing:


Yeah, you missed a lot.