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Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn 'disappointed' in Kings decision, but taking a 'long view'

In a radio interview, McGinn said he was still optimistic about getting the NBA back to Seattle, despite the setback with the Kings.

Ronald Martinez

While people in Sacramento are celebrating the NBA's decision to prevent the relocation of the Kings, the mood is more subdued in Seattle, as the city fell short in their most serious bid to bring an NBA franchise back to town.

In an interview with a local radio host, Seattle mayor Mike McGinn expressed disappointment about the decision but also guarded optimism about the future of the NBA in Seattle (courtesy of Sports Radio Interviews):

"I don't speak for Chris Hansen and Steve Ballmer, but I can say this: Here at the city, we made a commitment. In fact, I made it when I was running, that we would put ourselves in a position to take advantage of a good opportunity if it came along. And we're in that position right now. We still have the MOU, we still have the arena plan, we're still in a great market, so I'm hoping we can take the long view on this."

While some floated the idea of expansion as a compromise to allow both Seattle and Sacramento to have an NBA franchise, David Stern appeared to have squashed that idea for the time being in a press conference last week.

As a result, Seattle's desire for an NBA team looms as a threat to small markets across the league.

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