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Tony Parker injury: Spurs point guard might have tendinitis in shin

The San Antonio Spurs may be dealing with another injury going into the playoffs as Gregg Popovich fears Tony Parker may have tendinitis in his shin.


Tony Parker may have tendinitis in his shin, and San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich is "very concerned," reports Jeff Caplan of

Popovich pulled Parker two minutes into the fourth quarter during the Spurs' loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder Thursday night after noticing Parker was struggling on the floor. Before being pulled, he had scored just two points. Prior to the shin issue, Parker had been dealing with an ankle injury, and once again finds his health in question.

Pounding the Rock: With Manu out who will step up?

The Spurs are also dealing with Manu Ginobili's hamstring injury, which will force Ginobili to miss three to four weeks of action, potentially causing him to miss the start of the playoffs.

After losing to the Thunder, the Spurs' grip on the first seed in the Western Conference has slipped to only a half-game. However, with two key players dealing with injuries, the first seed will likely be an afterthought as the Spurs' primary concern will now be the health of their roster going into the playoffs.

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