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Nazr Mohammed shoves LeBron James to the ground after foul

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Nazr Mohammed started a scuffle with LeBron James, fouling him and then shoving him to the ground.

After fouling LeBron James on a play in transition, Nazr Mohammed shoved him to the ground, resulting in another round of technical fouls and his own ejection.


As LeBron ran the ball up the court, Mohammed intentionally fouled James. James reacted by spinning and flinging Mohammed to the ground. LeBron was immediately awarded with a technical foul, which earned a reaction of disbelief from James. Mohammed gathered himself off the floor and shoved James to the ground, leading to another mosh pit of players trying to hash things out.

LeBron's technical remained and Mohammed was ejected. Here's video of the incident, via Sports Illustrated:

This scuffle was the second of the night in this Game 3 of the heated series between Chicago and Miami. In the first quarter, Joakim Noah got a technical for shoving Chris "Birdman" Andersen while Andersen was on the floor following a collision with Nate Robinson. On Wednesday, there were a total of nine technical fouls.

Yeah, I don't think tonight is going to be a calm one.