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Derrick Rose considered a return vs. Heat, but will remain out

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Bulls star Derrick Rose thought about coming back from an ACL injury against the Heat, but he has decided to remain out.

Jonathan Daniel

Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose strongly considered returning from an ACL injury at the outset of the Bulls' series against the Miami Heat, but has decided against it and will remain out, according to CSN Chicago's Aggrey Sam.

Sunday marked one year since Rose underwent surgery to repair a torn ACL suffered in the first round of last year's postseason. Rose now sits outside the eight-to-12 month period outlined for his rehab, but it appears that he remains content to sit out the season and return next year.

Rose has come under fire for not returning to the court despite being cleared to play nearly three months ago. He has reportedly been dominating in practice, but he maintains that he's not ready to test his knee out in an actual game. The former MVP has said he's still trying to regain his "muscle memory" and wants to be able to play without thinking too much on the court.

Rose and the Bulls have kept the drama alive by consistently stating that there's still a chance that he could return this season. But that scenario is looking extremely unlikely, and Sam reports that Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau is aware that Rose will not play against the Heat.

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