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Luol Deng injury: Bulls forward active for Game 4 vs. Heat

Luol Deng is somehow listed as active for the Chicago Bulls, although he still sounds deathly ill.

Bruce Bennett

Luol Deng supposedly can't eat solid food, said he started throwing up when he started trying physical activity, and just generally seems like he shouldn't be allowed to play basketball... yet he's active, per the roster the Bulls released prior to Game 4:

Note: this very well could mean nothing. Teams have to have 13 players listed active and at least eight suited up. Between Derrick Rose, Kirk Hinrich and Deng, the Bulls only have 12 healthy players. So due to semantics, one of those three has to be listed as active. But if one of them were to play tonight, Deng would be the one Tuesday night.

Early glimpses of the Bulls bench did not seem to show Deng in uniform, but perhaps he's someplace behind the scenes ready to go. One could imagine the United Center would go nuts if Deng played even a minute, a la Oracle Arena when David Lee decided to come back for the Warriors in a decisive Game 6 of their opening-round series against the Denver Nuggets.

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