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NBA Mock Drafts: Magic likely to take Ben McLemore at No. 2

Most experts believe the Magic will take Ben McLemore No. 2, but Trey Burke is an intriguing possibility as well.


The Orlando Magic had the best odds heading into the 2013 NBA Draft Lottery, and while they did not snag the No. 1 overall pick, they were able to grab the second pick. There are a few ways the Magic could go here, but most experts feel that they will take Ben McLemore out of Kansas.

Here are five mock drafts and their selections:

Mock Draft Magic's pick
Jonathan Tjarks, SB Nation Ben McLemore
Jonathan Givony, DraftExpress/Yahoo! Sports Ben McLemore
Scott Howard-Cooper, Ben McLemore
Chad Ford, ESPN Trey Burke
Chris Mannix, Sports Illustrated Ben McLemore

The Magic do have Arron Afflalo already in place at the 2-guard, but he could slide to the 3 if McLemore is the pick. There's also always the possibility of a trade if Orlando does not feel like the two can co-exist.

Michigan's Burke is an intriguing option, as the Magic could really use a point guard. However, McLemore is the better prospect and taking Burke at No. 2 could be a bit of a reach.

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