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Roy Hibbert shakes his head at Frank Vogel's coaching decisions

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Roy Hibbert brings your favorite disgruntled hashtag to life.

Roy Hibbert was subbed out by Pacers coach Frank Vogel on two critical defensive possessions late in overtime during the Miami Heat's incredible 103-102 victory over Indiana in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals on Wednesday.

The first time, LeBron James drove by George Hill to get to the basket for an easy layup that put the Heat ahead, 101-99, with :10 seconds remaining. After Indiana's Paul George was fouled on a three-point attempt and hit all three free throws, the Heat would have the ball with just two seconds remaining. Again, Vogel subbed out Hibbert for Tyler Hansbrough. Again, James broke to the hole past the Pacers defense for an easy layup.

After the game, Vogel was the target of plenty of criticism for his decision to take out his prized rim protector. Hibbert's reaction on the Pacers' bench summed up what ever NBA fan was trying to say. You know the old saying: a .GIF is worth 1,000 tweets.

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