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NBA Playoffs 2013: Highlights from the Spurs' Game 4 finale vs. the Grizzlies

The Grizzlies tried to stay alive for another game against the Spurs. Miss any of the action? Catch up with the most exciting GIFs from Monday night.


The San Antonio Spurs are just a methodical machine. They dominated the tempo of this game from the opening tip. The Spurs executed their game plan to perfection in the first half as usual, as demonstrated by this slick pass from Manu Ginobili.


It was all smiles for the Spurs early and often as they tried to finish off the Grizzlies in the Grindhouse.


But the Grizzlies didn't just give up. They came storming back to make it a close game and that made Coach Pop just a little bit angry.


Despite the fact that this was a hotly contested game, there was still an amazing example of sportsmanship. Marc Gasol accidentally hit Tony Parker in the eye during the 4th quarter and rather than run back to play offense, he stayed and made sure that Parker was okay. You're a good guy, Marc.


But Tony Parker wasn't so charitable. He dominated the Grizzlies all night long and eventually led the Spurs to a convincing 4-0 sweep to reach yet another NBA Finals.


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