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Phil Jackson tweaks Mike D'Antoni, Lakers again in radio interview

No, Phil Jackson still doesn't think Mike D'Antoni did a good job in Los Angeles this season.

Kevork Djansezian

Phil Jackson may not have much to do with the Los Angeles Lakers these days, but the Hall of Fame coach continues to offer up public opinions on his former employer. The latest came Wednesday morning on ESPN 710 in L.A., where Jackson took some minor shots at the franchise again on The Herd with Colin Cowherd.

"I think they need to get back inside where the strength of their team is and use that presence to dominate games," Jackson said during a brief discussion with Cowherd, who noted such a move would counter current coach Mike D'Antoni's style.

"You're right. You're obviously right. They pick the path to go on and they think it's the future of the NBA. We'll see if it is," Jackson responded.

There to discuss his upcoming book, "Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success," as well as the Eastern Conference Finals and his recent burst of activity on Twitter, the conversation once again turned to the Lakers after their tumultuous season. Jackson admitted frustration watching his former players struggle.

"It bothers me about the individuals. It bothers me that Pau had a season in which he had so much difficulty. It bothers me that Kobe had a season where he had to struggle to help provide the scoring and push himself to the limit where he eventually tore his Achilles," he said.

Also noting that center Dwight Howard, "has looked human, less than human at times," Jackson seemed to be directly questioning the approach D'Antoni has taken with his team.

"It hasn't really advanced their game. That's the biggest thing about coaching. You want your players to thrive. That's the biggest thing that you do," he said.

Whether Jackson meant to directly criticize D'Antoni or not, it's clear he believes someone else could have done a better job with the team's roster. The creator of Seven Seconds or Less continues to run the show in Hollywood, though, so we may end up hearing these sorts of comments again.

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