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Masai Ujiri rumors: Raptors to offer 5-year deal, will Nuggets match?

Will the Nuggets decide to spend big money on their general manager and match the Raptors' offer?


The Toronto Raptors have offered general manager Masai Ujiri a five-year contract worth nearly $15 million, and now the Denver Nuggets will be under pressure to match that deal to retain the reigning NBA Executive of the Year, according to an ESPN report. Ujiri's contract with the Nuggets is set to expire on June 30, and an earlier report suggested that he would be willing to walk away and take the job in Toronto if Denver fails to present a "market-value" extension.

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Ujiri previously worked in the Raptors' front office for three years before the Nuggets hired him as GM in 2010. He has worked under a cheap deal in Denver, but he won't be one of the NBA's lowest-paid GMs for much longer. An earlier offer from the Nuggets reportedly came in at $1.2 million per year, but they will have to increase that bid to remain competitive with the latest offer from Toronto.

If Denver believes Ujiri is a top-tier GM, it all comes down to whether the franchise will be willing to increase the offer. Contracts for executives and coaches do not count toward the salary cap and they are usually small commitments in comparison to the ones made to players in big-money deals, so it will be very interesting to see how the Nuggets value the top executive in their front office.

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