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Magic Johnson thinks LeBron James should be in more commercials

We're not quite sure what he's talking about either.

Some of Magic's best quotes:

"I'm in disbelief. Chris Paul and Blake Griffin has *sic* more commercials than LeBron James. I can't believe that. In all my 35 years, I've never seen an MVP, back-to-back winner ... not have any endorsement deals, not have any commercials on TV? Every time I look at the TV, I never see any LeBron James commercials."

LeBron James has endorsement deals with Nike, McDonald's, State Farm, Coca Cola, Dunkin Donuts, Sprint and Upper Deck, among many, many others. A search on YouTube for "LeBron James commercial" has 158,000 results. Remember that Sprint commercial with his kids? That was on all the time not too long ago. Here's a commercial Nike put out just a few months ago.

Maybe Magic Johnson, an athlete with more commercials than just about anybody else during his time, is just a bit salty that Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, two Clippers, have had commercials on repeat during the playoffs. Just don't blame LeBron; blame Kia and State Farm, which has produced its share of LeBron commercials as well.