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Phoenix Suns GM search: Could Grant Hill be in the mix?

If he retires, Grant Hill may be a candidate for a front-office job with an old team.


The Phoenix Suns have taken longer than expected to reveal their choice for general manager, leading some to wonder if former player -- and current Los Angeles Clipper -- Grant Hill is in the mix.

The Suns had supposedly narrowed their search to replace Lance Blanks to three candidates, led by Ryan McDonough of the Boston Celtics. That was last week, and there's still no GM. ESPN's Marc Stein speculates there's a reason:

There's no doubt that when Hill decides to wrap up his playing career, he'll have some job in basketball. After transforming from one of the league's dynamic young stars into one of its elder statesmen, the Duke alum has a gig waiting for him somewhere as a coach, front office guy, or even a commentator. But the questions of where and when remain.

The time appears to be now. At 40 years old, Hill only appeared in 29 games due to a combination of injury and coach's decisions, and when playing, was generally ineffective, averaging just 3.2 points per game, his first career season in single digits. Hill has long been expected to retire at the season's end instead of coming back for a 19th go-around.

But are the Suns a legitimate option? Hill spent five seasons in Phoenix, prolonging a career that didn't seem to have much life left and making friends among the front office, management, and those in the community. SB Nation's Bright Side of the Sun had ventured the idea of Hill joining the team's front office back in February, but going straight from player to head general manager would be a little bit of a leap.

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