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Ryan McDonough hired as new Phoenix Suns general manager

The Suns have hired one of the rising stars in the NBA world in Celtics assistant general manager Ryan McDonough.

Mike Ehrmann

The Phoenix Suns have hired Boston Celtics assistant general manager Ryan McDonough to be their general manager. The team will introduce McDonough when they hold a press conference on Thursday, May 9. At 33 years old, he is the second-youngest general manager in the NBA behind Orlando's Rob Hennigan. It was rumored that former Sun Grant Hill was in the mix to replace Lance Blanks, but that never came to fruition.

McDonough joined the Celtics in 2003 when he was only 23, working in the basketball operations department, and has worked his way up through the organization while specializing in scouting and talent evaluation. He's been the assistant general manager in Boston for the past three years, working under Danny Ainge.

SB Nation's Paul Flannery did a profile on McDonough in March, and how he's part of a new type of general manager taking over in the NBA. Celtics coach Doc Rivers was quoted as saying, "He’ll be a GM. There’s no doubt about that."

McDonough is the son of the late Boston Globe columnist Will McDonough, and is the brother of ESPN announcer Sean McDonough.

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