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Kendrick Perkins is a Rorschach test

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What do you see?

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Should the Thunder be playing Kendrick Perkins less? Does Scott Brooks pay attention to plus-minus? Are Kendrick Perkins' hands made of actual stone?

Doesn't matter. We're not here to discuss basketball today. We're taking a break.

Instead, let's take a second to appreciate Kendrick Perkins the human, because no matter what his plus-minus is, he will always be the greatest. One of the hidden bonuses of having the Thunder in the playoffs is getting lots and lots of time with Perk in HD on national television. This gives us all plenty of time to enjoy the magic of Perk in the midst of his grumpy glory days. Who does Grumpy Kendrick Perkins look like?

The Internet has some ideas.

Note: That one's particularly popular.

What do we think?

Other suggestions:

#Notsmooth, that's pretty mean. This is meaner.


There's also the olfactory division of things:

And so much more:

The "?????" division.

That last one is probably my favorite. But, before this exercise gave way to a journey down the internet wormhole of Kendrick Perkins jokes, this all began with three observations we loved last night.

Here are the contenders for Most Accurate Perk Doppleganger:

1. Yes.

2. Yes.

via @TheNoLookPass

3. YES.

via @Steve_OS

So there you go.

Now you might be looking for a definitive answer here. Does Perk look like Thomas the Train? Ivan Ooze? The Iron Giant? A dried-up cucumber?

No, no, no. No. Those things look like Perk. He is the stone from which the rest of our universe has been chiseled. And he's also just a lovable, hulking curmudgeon who's out here asking the right questions.


Kendrick Perkins is everything. God bless Kendrick Perkins.

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