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Luol Deng says he lost 15 pounds, 'struggled' after leaving hospital

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Luol Deng tried to shoot after being released from the hospital following complications from a spinal tap, but felt too physically weak, having lost 15 pounds in under two weeks.


Scary news from Chicago, where Luol Deng detailed his body's frightening reaction to a spinal tap, which has caused him to lose 15 pounds and will probably keep him from playing basketball for the immediate future.

Deng had the spinal tap taken to test for meningitis when he had the flu, but complications developed, and he had to watch Game 1 from the hospital. Hearing Deng describe the situation is pretty frightening:

Deng, ever the trooper, says he's still trying to play, despite his extreme reaction to the spinal tap:

Somehow, Tom Thibodeau described Deng as day-to-day: anybody who isn't even physically strong enough to get through shooting drills probably isn't healthy enough to partake in any sort of NBA game. And minus 15 pounds from his already slender 220-pound frame, he'll probably be significantly less effective than usual when he does feel ready enough to play.

Before anybody dares question Deng's tenacity, he mentioned off-hand that he's played through injury already this season:

The Bulls are tied 1-1 with the Miami Heat, with Jimmy Butler performing admirably as a substitute for Deng guarding LeBron James. Kirk Hinrich remains doubtful after getting another MRI, and the world is still waiting on Derrick Rose to decide he's ready to play. The squad will probably stay shorthanded for a little while longer.

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