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NBA Finals GIF Highlights: Spurs destroy Heat in Game 3

San Antonio's blowout win in moving pictures!

Woo-wee, the Spurs really gave it to the Heat Tuesday night. A 1-1 series moved to San Antonio for Game 3, and the Spurs enjoyed one of the most dominant wins in Finals history in front of their crazed home crowd. Let us peruse the GIFs of the evening:

Things began rolling in the Spurs' direction when they landed the most polished child on the planet to sing the national anthem. Like, this kid with smooth as hell:


LeBron James wasn't interested in any anthems, though. Dude was meditating. Or was he...LeBron? LeBron, are you asleep? LeBron?


(Stats suggest he indeed have been asleep). San Antonio's stars were wide awake, though, at least to start the game. Manu Ginobili and Tim Duncan got the Spurs on the board early with a couple solid old man dunks:



It was Gary Neal, though, who dominated the first half. He led all scorers with 14 first-half points after this buzzer-beating transition three off a Danny Green block:


The eruption of role players like Neal inspired the stars to make some of the little, hustle plays. Duncan laying out for a loose ball and landing in a court-side woman's lap inspired said woman to FREAK OUT:


Things just kept trending ridiculous-ward for San Antonio in the second half. Never hit that asymptote. Just more and more of Neal sticking preposterous threes...


...and the Heat just kept turning the ball over to feed breakaway buckets for young gazelles like Neal, Green, and Kawhi Leonard:


All Erik Spoelstra could do was watch the clock and wait for those cruel seconds to tick away:


And now, after San Antonio met Miami's Game 2 counter-punch with a deafening counter of their own, Spoelstra and the Heat find themselves down 2-1 with two more games to play in San Antonio. It was a big, big night for the Spurs. Just too much excitement: