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Doc Rivers, Kevin Garnett trade talks reach standstill Monday night

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The scenario involving Doc Rivers being traded to the Clippers is complicated and it could take some sign to sort out, but it does seem likely to happen.


The confusing, twisting trade scenario that might allow Kevin Garnett and Doc Rivers to end up on the Los Angeles Clippers together isn't dead. It has hit logistical snags, however, as the two sides try to decide whether they really want to go through with the deal.

It was reported that a deal was near completion early Monday for two of the higher-profile Boston Celtics to head to the Clippers. Ken Berger followed that up with a report of his own that didn't negate the earlier reports. The CBS Sports insider did find some sources, though, that say the difficult and uncommon nature of the situation might delay it:

There were "a lot of moving parts" in the dealings between the two teams, one source said, and another cautioned, "It may not happen. ... It could be an hour, a week or never."

In summation, basketball fans can probably go to sleep without worrying a deal is imminent.

Berger noted that although the Knicks once accepted a first-round draft pick and cash to drop a tampering case against the Miami Heat over Pat Riley's departure, no team has effectively traded a coach as blatantly as the proposed Celtics-Clippers deal. Adding to the complications is the fact that teams can't actually trade a coach for a player, either, so the deal will have to be in two parts regardless as one trade will need to heavily favor the Celtics --contingent on the team releasing Rivers from his contract and him eventually signing with the Clippers.

It also seems, as of now, that if heavily-coveted backup point guard Eric Bledsoe isn't included in the trade, the Celtics will look instead to dump even more salaries in an effort to begin their rebuilding process further under the salary cap. The Clippers are likely worrying about whether they're going to end up giving up too much, though -- either in terms of players or in terms of cap flexibility -- just for a better, more expensive, coach.

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