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The LeBron James Headband Game

After LeBron James lost his headband in Game 6 of the NBA Finals, he went on a scoring rampage. Naturally Twitter lost its mind.

Mike Ehrmann

Game 6 of the NBA Finals was one of the best played NBA Finals games ever, and that's not being hyperbolic. It featured runs, counter-runs, and a hyperventilation-causing finish with Ray Allen drilling a game-tying three to stave off elimination and send the game into overtime, where the Miami Heat would force a Game 7.

But to some -- especially on Twitter -- it will always be the LeBron James headband game.

James' headband has become sort of an NBA inside joke, because its clearly moved back along the course of his forehead over the course of career as the league's best player tries -- and, well, fails -- to hide a receding hairline. But on a dunk with 8:59 left in the fourth quarter of Game 6, Tim Duncan knocked King James' proverbial crown off: Leheadband_medium

It fell to the ground, and was probably swept off by the kid whose job it is to mop the floor while the players are at the other end of the court. For the final nine minutes of regulation and the entirety of overtime, the headband vanished, and James played on, sans headband..

Without it, he looked kinda weirdly naked, and surprisingly difficult to recognize, even for seasoned NBA fans.

But without the headband he took over. The headband-removing dunk cut a Spurs lead that had been 12 down to just three. Two possessions later, he spun with force past Tony Parker and Kawhi Leonard for an winding layup. Down two, he absolutely erased a Tim Duncan shot (GIF BELOW), then in transition, stopped, ducked under Duncan's defense, and finished an off-balance look in the paint.


The block-to-layup tied the game at 82. James would hit four of his first five shots after losing the headband, then sank a three with less than half a minute left to keep the game alive and allow Allen to hit his shot. All told, James went 5-for-11 with 12 points, three rebounds, two assists, and one block after the headband's removal -- not all that impressive, considering he had 32 points, 11 assists and 10 rebounds in the game. But the impact he made immediately after the famed sweat collector removal was LeBron at his most freakish, and that's why this was The Headband Game.

Meanwhile, Twitter exploded. You know, it started with jokes:

And then, quickly got SERIOUS:

All told, James had nine points on six shots in the final minutes of regulation, including the three that kept the game alive and some

Darren Rovell immediately tweeted that head bands make up less than 1 percent of basketball merchandising sales blah blah blah, but, yeah.

Bold words from Ty Lawson, there.

And of course, because nobody in the world is actually funny on their own, this happened:

It was the talk after the game as well, too:

In summary:


Now, only one question remains:

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