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'Watching SportsCenter' and other things Kawhi Leonard hasn't done since high school

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In an interview with Chris Broussard, Kawhi Leonard revealed he hasn't watched SportsCenter since high school. So what other staples of youth is the Spurs forward missing out on?

Ethan Miller

You get older, you stop doing some of the fun things you used to do. It's part of growing up. You can't stay up all night playing video games or drink a whole two liter of Mountain Dew while having a Halo party. You're suddenly not as interested in ultimate frisbee or ska music. And that's okay because there is beauty in the end of innocence.

Even though the Spurs' Kawhi Leonard is only 21, his stoic demeanor and approach to the game make him seem far older. It's no surprise he revealed to Chris Broussard he hasn't watched SportsCenter since he was in high school.

We asked ourselves: what other things has Leonard given up in lieu of being an adult?

  • Tried to make a midnight snack by dumping frozen burger meat on the skillet before thawing it first
  • Drove a car without wearing a seatbelt because seatbelts are lame, man, and Bobby's sister totally didn't wear hers and got in that wreck and they said she would've died if she was wearing hers
  • Wore a backpack over one shoulder
  • Logged into his myspace page
  • Got a camera, got some friends together and tried to "do" Jackass
  • Visited Homestarrunner
  • Wore those Tommy Hilfiger carpenter jeans that totally still fit
  • Worked on his Geocities website, "Shasta McNasty Ate My Balls"
  • Made an awesome roadtrip mix cd that really ended up being just six Afroman songs and most of that one Killers album
  • Touched or looked at a dog
  • Smoked chives
  • Played Unreal Tournament for like seven hours straight/li>
  • Constructed a device to smoke pot
  • Crank called the local funeral parlor
  • Got mono
  • Rushed to Kinko's at 7:45 to print something out he should've printed yesterday, but it was wing night
  • Added fuel injector cleaner to his tank of gas ("It works. It adds horsepower.")
  • Ghostrode a whip
  • Didn't have a cell phone because he didn't want his parents to be able to track him so he just told his friends to call his best friend Jake if they wanted to get a hold of him
  • Slept for 20 hours in a row
  • Spelled his name KaWhI
  • Made a ClubPenguin account
  • Bought a shirt off Cafepress
  • Asked a girl to the dance by building her a cake because it was in that hilarious movie Napoleon Dynamite
  • Threw a snowball and wore a hoodie
  • Punched his friend Rob after arguing for an hour about whether the Rockets or the Magic won the Tracy McGrady / Steve Francis trade
  • Laughed
  • Played Texas Hold 'Em with his very own chips in his very own tiny metal briefcase
  • Played DRUG WARS on his TI-83 graphing calculator
  • Bought Steakums then was like wtf this is like way more work than I thought these Steakums would be
  • Preordered a Pokemon game
  • Paid for one movie then went to another movie then went to another movie then went to another movie even though that movie was Scary Movie 3 and why did he even waste his time when he could be playing Super Mario RPG on that emulator he downloaded
  • Watched a concert video, not like The Last Waltz, just like an hour of Pearl Jam playing on a DVD
  • Went to Hot Topic
  • Got detention for ziptying people to their chairs, or flipping someone's backpack, or tabletopping someone at a football game
  • Used Old Spice High Endurance Bodywash
  • Was catfished
Bobby Big Wheel, Tom Ziller, Jon Bois and Seth Rosenthal contributed to this post because they are really great.