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NBA Finals 2013: Dwyane Wade's new nickname is 'Three'

Dwyane Wade has a new nickname, and he won't respond to you unless you call him by it.

Mike Ehrmann

Dwyane Wade is no longer Dwyane Wade, or his other nickname WoW (short for Way of Wade), or even "Flash" but will now only be referred to as "Three." Wade was adamant with reporters at the start of his postgame conference that he would not be answering questions unless addressed as "Three."

"My name is Three, not Dwyane. Alright, thank you," Wade informed South Beach.

The man meant it. The first reporter up to bat with Wade opened up his question without referring to him as "Three."

"Dwyane uh, obviously you're--"

"No," Wade cut him off while shaking his head.

"Three?" the reporter responded.

"Yes sir!" said the player formerly known as Dwyane Wade. See for yourself:

Wade has worn the number 3 since his days at Marquette and his entire NBA career. Of course, he could have picked any other day to declare "Three" was his new name, but it happens to fall on the day he won his third NBA championship with the Miami Heat.

Three Wade, three-time NBA champion, everybody.

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