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NBA Finals 2013, Heat vs. Spurs Game 7 GIF recap: Relive Thursday's classic

Did you miss Game 7? Just want to relive it? You're in luck. We have all your Game 7 GIF highlights.

Game 7 of the 2013 NBA Finals capped off a series for the ages, with two amazing teams going right down to the wire. The Miami Heat were crowned champs, but how did we get there? I'm glad I imagined you asking.

Tim Duncan got us off to a roaring start with a "fast" break off a steal.


But while the game started slowly, LeBron James kicked things into gear with this unreal shot.


And just when things seemed bleak, Captain Heat came to save the halftime show. He's the hero the halftime show needed, but not the one it deserved.


LeBron truly engaged beast mode in the third quarter.


But it wasn't enough to keep Bill Russell entertained. In his defense, these games start so darn late. Just can't stay up til ten like these young bucks.


But Mario Chalmers woke us back up with a huge buzzer-beating three to end the third quarter.


Chris Bosh had a very quiet night, finishing with zero points. He did, however, register this highlight GIF.


And despite a really strong outing, Tim Duncan will probably remember this heartbreaking missed layup more than anything else.


In the end, the Heat closed it out. The Miami Heat are your 2013 NBA Champions, and LeBron James is your Finals MVP.


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