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LeBron James defends Danny Green's appearance at Heat party

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Tweets by LeBron James attempted to clear up all the talk about Spurs guard Danny Green supposedly celebrating with the Miami Heat after they won the NBA Finals.

Mike Ehrmann

It might have been a big deal to some Spurs fans when a picture surfaced of guard Danny Green shaking hands with the Heat's LeBron James at a club following Miami's Game 7 victory to win the NBA Finals. Or maybe that's just how it looked online.

Either way, the internet took notice, and many formulated headlines hinting — or flat-out saying — Green was there to "celebrate" or "party" with James. On Sunday, James tweeted that's all nonsense:

Never mind that it's pretty apparent from the single photo that Green looks pretty congratulatory. He arguably still looks hurt while shaking hands with James.

Green may have simply run into the Heat's celebration while attempting to get his mind off shooting a combined 2-for-19 in the Spurs' last two games, both losses. It also could be overlooked that, despite being opponents, Green and James just might be pals from their time spent together with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Green defended himself Friday on Twitter, but now he's been defended by King James.

Maybe the story will go away now. And maybe Danny Green will continue doing Danny Green things. Like making people think — if only for a few days — that he might win an NBA Finals MVP award.

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