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NBA Draft 2013 live stream: How to watch online

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If you're hoping to watch a streaming feed of the 2013 NBA Draft on ESPN3, you should make sure you're outside the blackout zone for streaming coverage. Here's everything you need to know.


Live coverage of the 2013 NBA Draft is set to begin at 7:30 p.m. ET on ESPN TV and radio, as well as on a streaming Internet feed via ESPN3, but if you plan to watch the draft unfold on your tablet or mobile device, you need to know about the blackouts the network has imposed on its streaming coverage. Viewers in the United States will only be able to stream the NBA Draft on ESPN3 in the Mountain Time Zone and Pacific Time Zone this year.

Why are the audiences in the Central Time Zone and Eastern Time Zone subject to a blackout on streaming content for the draft? It probably comes down to a company policy. As a general rule, the streaming content on ESPN is focused on "exclusive" coverage, and only limited live events from ESPN and ESPN2 are made available on weekdays, according to the explanation on their website. The early start on the West Coast pulls draft coverage out of the prime time slot, so presumably that's why the streaming option is only available for viewers out west.

If you need to reshape your draft plans for Thursday night based on this news, be sure to check out SB Nation NBA's full schedule of TV coverage.

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