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NBA Mock Draft 2013: The collaborative version

In order to simulate the experience NBA GMs have when they must respond to each other's decisions on draft day, we've invited a second person to participate in this mock draft.


In this week's mock draft, Tom Ziller will be coming aboard to help me make the picks. A group mock draft, in many ways, is closer to what actually happens on draft night. With two different people making selections, even one unexpected pick can have a butterfly effect that pushes guys way down the board. Multiply that dynamic with 30 different front offices making picks and you can see why getting every pick in the first round right is essentially impossible.

Let's get to it.

1. Cleveland Cavaliers: Nerlens Noel

The opportunity to pick up a potentially franchise-changing defensive big man is too tempting a thought to refuse, even for good prospects like Ben McLemore. -Ziller

2. Orlando Magic: Ben McLemore

If I'm Orlando, this was my reaction to not getting the No. 1 pick and being boxed into taking Noel, regardless of the fit with the rest of my roster. -Tjarks

3. Washington Wizards: Otto Porter

Not only is Porter potentially the best prospect at No. 3, but he's the best fit with a Washington team aiming for the postseason. He should be able to give the Wizards something in Year 1 while developing with John Wall and Bradley Beal for the long run. -Ziller

4. Charlotte Bobcats: Anthony Bennett

Anthony Bennett scouting report from DraftExpress

Bennett is a 6'8, 240-pound forward with the jumper, ball-handling ability and explosiveness of a wing player. He might be able to make this team entertaining. -Tjarks

5. Phoenix Suns: Alex Len

They need Bennett, though! Landing Bennett or McLemore -- potential star scorers at scoring positions -- has to be the major hope for Phoenix. If Len's the pick, it may mean that new GM Ryan McDonough wants to flip Marcin Gortat. But Len's not going to be ready quickly due to injury and experience, so there's no time pressure to lose the Polish Hammer ASAP. -Ziller

6. New Orleans Pelicans: Trey Burke

If Eric Gordon can't get it together, would a Burke/Vasquez backcourt make sense? Maybe? There's probably an Austin Rivers joke to be made in there somewhere. -Tjarks

7. Sacramento Kings: Victor Oladipo

It may change the calculus on Tyreke Evans somewhat, but Oladipo's potential is too high to pass up. -Ziller

8. Detroit Pistons: Sergey Karasev

Detroit needs shooting and passing around their big men. Karasev provides both in spades. -Tjarks

9. Minnesota Timberwolves: C.J. McCollum

Desperately seeking shooting. (How weirdly fun would a Rubio-MCW backcourt be, though?) -Ziller

10. Portland Trail Blazers: Cody Zeller

Great fun ... until defenses started playing five guys in the paint.

I don't think people are ready for two big white guys who can run and jump like Zeller and Meyers Leonard. Lob Suburbia? -Tjarks

Oh, Byron Mullens and Josh McRoberts are not going to let that fly. -Ziller

11. Sixers: Steven Adams

Poor 'Bazzy. -Ziller

12. Oklahoma City Thunder: Gorgui Dieng

Kendrick Perkins is Johan Petro with a championship ring. I'm not even joking. Look it up. -Tjarks

13. Dallas Mavericks: Shabazz Muhammad

DraftExpress on Shabazz Muhammad

Mike Fisher immediately dubs Dirk, Muhammad and Dwight the new Big Three. -Ziller

14. Utah Jazz: Dennis Schroeder

If the Mavs do that, this would be me at the press conference.

Utah gets their PG of the future. -Tjarks

15. Milwaukee Bucks: Michael Carter-Williams

So long, Brandon Jennings! Landing MCW might actually make keeping Monta Ellis palatable. -Ziller

16. Boston Celtics: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

Gives them a more complete SG to put next to Rondo. -Tjarks

17. Atlanta Hawks: Rudy Gobert

A player with impeccable size to slot next to Al Horford for years to come. The Hawks would need to focus on perimeter scoring. -Ziller

18. Atlanta Hawks: Reggie Bullock

They need to get a cheap option on the wings with one of these picks. -Tjarks

19. Cleveland Cavaliers: Glen Rice Jr.

Cleveland just needs a good option on the wings somewhere in the draft. -Ziller

20. Chicago Bulls: Tony Mitchell

Tony Mitchell scouting report on DraftExpress

Mitchell could give Derrick Rose the explosive pick-and-roll partner he's lacked in Chicago. -Tjarks

21. Utah Jazz: Kelly Olynyk

I doubt Olynyk slips this far. But the Jazz are definitely one of the teams that tells K.O. to cut off his mane. -Ziller

22. Brooklyn Nets: Dario Saric

Brooklyn needs to land a high-upside guy in this draft. Given their salary situation, there aren't many other ways for them to improve their talent base going forward. -Tjarks

23. Indiana Pacers: Ricky Ledo

The Pacers have two positions of need: backup big man and shooting guard. Ledo would slot in as a potential Lance Stephenson replacement. -Ziller

24. New York Knicks: Shane Larkin

Larkin doesn't have ideal size, but he should be a great pick-and-roll guard in the NBA. He can turn the corner, hit the roll man and shoot if defenses go under. -Tjarks

25. Los Angeles Clippers: Jamaal Franklin

The two wing positions are blinking in neon for Los Angeles. Franklin is a pretty promising two-guard prospect. -Ziller

26. Minnesota Timberwolves: Mason Plumlee

Doubt he falls this far, but he would give Minnesota some insurance in case Pekovic leaves. -Tjarks

27. Denver Nuggets: Allen Crabbe

We'll see which direction the Nuggets head now, but if they keep on the same path of tossing a ton of wings with good size together, Crabbe fits the program. -Ziller

28. San Antonio Spurs: Giannis Antetokounmpo

Giannis Antetokounmpo scouting report from DraftExpress

Someone gave him a promise. It might have been the Spurs. He's an 18-year-old with a ton of talent who's a few years from coming over. -Tjarks

29. Oklahoma City Thunder: Lucas "Bebe" Nogueira

The next NBA Brazilian big man with an awesome name. -Ziller

30. Phoenix Suns: Archie Goodwin

Goodwin has the talent. He may never put it together, but his talent makes him worth a gamble at the end of the first round. -Tjarks

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