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NBA Playoffs 2013: Heat vs. Pacers Game 7 highlights and GIFs

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The Miami Heat cruised through a much anticipated Game 7 to make the NBA Finals. Miss any of the action? Catch up with the best GIFs from the last game of the Eastern Conference Finals.


The Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers both had their eyes on a Game 7 victory and a trip to the NBA Finals. A common theme throughout this series has been the flopping and Chris Bosh felt obligated to keep that storyline going.


Mario Chalmers joined in on the flopping fun.


But Paul George had enough and finally called for all of the flopping to stop.


So once the Heat stopped flopping and got down to business, they blew the Pacers away. LeBron James did his LeBron James stuff and the Heat cruised to a third straight NBA Finals appearance.



In the end, the Heat were on their way to another NBA Finals and the Heat bros were celebrating and jumping and stuff.