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The B-List: Racking up points and nothing else with Shabazz Muhammad

The Shabazz has been invented. Who's the best at it?


Kevin Pelton has many a great idea. So it means something when I say that this was one of his best ever.

Sadly, namesake Shabazz Muhammad has just 8 points to go with his zero steals, assists and blocks on Monday for the Summer Wolves. But we have high hopes for this season. Pelton also let us know who the all-time leader in Shabazzes (Shabazzi?) is: the great Dale Ellis. Here's a top 10 since 1985-86. It's filled with scoring big men, not Muhammadian wings. Data via, of course.

1. Dale Ellis (81)
2. Kevin Willis (72)
3. Kevin Duckworth (64)
4. Eddy Curry (60)
5. Corliss Williamson (57)
6. (tie) James Edwards, Wayman Tisdale and Tyrone Hill (53)
9. (tie) A.C. Green and Antawn Jamison (48)

Who did the most last season?

7 Shabazzi in 2012-13
Antawn Jamison (!)
Carl Landry
Andrew Nicholson

6 Shabazzi in 2012-13
Ryan Anderson
Caron Butler
Nikola Pekovic
Amar'e Stoudemire
Marcus Thornton
Derrick Williams

5 Shabazzi in 2012-13
Harrison Barnes
Tyler Hansbrough
Chris Kaman
Kevin Martin
C.J. Miles
Steve Novak
Zach Randolph

I had totally pegged Kevin Martin as the Shabazzi Godfather; alas, Marcus Thornton has exceeded him in this category, too. Also, I'm just tickled at the idea of Harrison Barnes and Shabazz Muhammad having a glorious Western rivalry over claim to the throne of The Next Caron Butler.

Finally, the top 12 from the past five season.

1. Carl Landry (32)
2. Udonis Haslem (28)
3. Brandon Bass (25)
4. Ryan Anderson (23)
5. DeMar DeRozan (22)
6. (tie) Tyler Hansbrough and Marreese Speights (21)
8. (tie) Michael Beasley, Corey Maggette, Anthony Morrow, Jason Thompson and Nick Young (20)

Oh my heavens, Beasley, Maggs and Swaggy on ... the same list? Guh.

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