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NBA free agency: Why Brandon Jennings remains unsigned

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Coach Nick of BBallBreakdown examines why NBA teams are worried about signing Milwaukee Bucks free agent guard Brandon Jennings.

Free agent Brandon Jennings can't find the contract offer he was expecting. After the Milwaukee Bucks mentioned him in trade rumors and signed Atlanta Hawks point guard Jeff Teague to an offer sheet that was matched, it's quite possible the 23-year-old point guard will have only the option of accepting a $4.5 million qualifying offer to remain with the Bucks for another year.

But why hasn't he received a larger offer from another NBA squad? He did average 17.5 points and 6.5 assists last season and still has room to grow.

Coach Nick of BBallBreakdown looked at Jennings' problems as a player and found that he's simply not that attractive as a point guard signing in a free agency period that's all but dried up.

Disciplinary problems on the court top the list of reasons teams might shy away from Jennings. He takes long two-point jumpers -- the least efficient shot in basketball -- and poor ones at that. While he doesn't have many turnovers, the misguided assumption that he's careful with the ball is overlooked -- rather than forcing passes, he forces shots and that doesn't show up in the box score.

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