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NBA free agency rumors: Jeff Teague reportedly frustrated with Hawks over lack of contract talks

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The Hawks haven't started meaningful contract discussions with Jeff Teague, and the point guard is not happy about it.

Joe Robbins

Jeff Teague is unhappy with the Atlanta Hawks, according to Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports. Teague, a restricted free agent, is frustrated from the lack of substantive contract talks between his side and the Hawks.

Teague averaged 14.6 points and 7.2 assists last season and has drawn interest from other teams. The Milwaukee Bucks are reportedly among the teams who have shown interest in Teague, which would make sense because their new head coach Larry Drew coached Teague in Atlanta.

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Whether the Hawks intend to bring Teague back remains in question and even if they do, Atlanta could simply be waiting for the market to set Teague's price. That could mean waiting to see if Teague draws serious interest from another team, then negotiating with the point guard or letting him sign an offer sheet and matching it.

Even if Atlanta's approach to Teague is sound and smart, it certainly isn't making the point guard happy. After four years in Atlanta, he probably wanted to be prioritized and taken care of early, but restricted free agency sometimes goes this way. When Josh Smith was a restricted free agent it took until September before he and the Hawks agreed to a contract. It is unlikely to take until September for Teague, but it isn't going the way he would like it to.

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