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NBA free agency rumors roundup: Omer Asik wants out of Houston, Clippers keep adding depth and more

Asik wants out, Ellis is in discussions with the Hawks and the latest buzz as the first week of NBA free agency comes to an end.

Stephen Dunn

It has bee nearly one full week since the free agency period kicked off in the NBA. The big dominoes have already fallen with Dwight Howard agreeing to to join the Houston Rockets and Chris Paul opting to stay with the Los Angeles Clippers.

Here's the latest buzz from around the league entering week two of free agency.

Omer Asik wants out, Houston Rockets say no

Most of the Houston Rockets organization has been celebrating the acquisition of the NBA's most coveted free agent, Dwight Howard, but Omer Asik has officially requested a trade. Asik is not interested in seeing his minutes and role decrease with the team after putting up career highs in both points and rebounds per game in his first season with the franchise.

Asik signed with the Rockets with the notion he'd be the featured center, but with the arrival of Howard, he would likely become a rotation big man off the bench.

Head coach Kevin McHale has addressed the situation, stating that he believes the Rockets will reach out to him to calm the situation, and went as far as to say he could see the team running a "twin tower" frontcourt at times. The challenge would be for the rest of the Rockets' lineup to space the floor for Howard and Asik.

Los Angeles Clippers keep adding depth

The Los Angeles Clippers have had a huge summer and are now rounding out their roster. They've agreed to a deal with big man Ryan Hollins, and could also look to add free agent Antawn Jamison to their forward depth. Jamison is a versatile offensive player who can move well off-ball while also spreading the floor.

This comes after adding point guard Darren Collison for only a portion of their mid-level exception.

The Clippers have done well to add depth to their roster since retaining Chris Paul, and new coach Doc Rivers will have plenty of tools to experiment with in his lineups.

Monta Ellis to the Atlanta Hawks?

Monta Ellis could be headed to the Atlanta Hawks. The shooting guard opted out of the final year of his contract with the Milwaukee Bucks and could now be fetching a deal starting at $10 million per year with the Hawks.

Nothing is said to be imminent but the sides have engaged in conversations.

Atlanta has already made a splash in free agency by signing forward Paul Millsap after Josh Smith agreed to join the Detroit Pistons. Adding Ellis, at that price, would definitely be another big ripple from Danny Ferry and the Hawks' front office.

The Dwight Howard fallout continues in Los Angeles

Howard's decision has been official since Friday, but the fallout continues as details arise regarding his time with the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Lakers held an in-house meeting in January to "clear the air" with their superstar group of talent. Kobe Bryant had "come to rage" about Howard's "clownish disposition" and made it clear he would not allow that behavior to become the Lakers' culture, according to Yahoo! Sports Adrian Wojnarowski.

Bryant also told Howard the negative comments he said about the superstar shooting guard, along with the impersonations he did when he wasn't around, all came back to him.

Other free-agent agreements and rumors

J.J. Hickson has agreed to a three-year, $15 million deal with the Denver Nuggets. He averaged a double-double with the Portland Trail Blazers last season. The Nuggets now have a loaded power forward rotation with Kenneth Faried, Anthony Randolph and Hickson.

Meanwhile, Earl Watson is headed to the Blazers. He will serve as guard depth behind reigning Rookie of the Year Damian Lillard and freshly drafted C.J. McCollum.

The Dallas Mavericks are bringing back point guard Devin Harris. The sides have agreed on a three-year, $9 million deal for Harris to return to the Mavs. Dallas has also signed point guard Jose Calderon.

The Lakers have not signed any free agents yet, but have "mutual interest" with center Chris Kaman. Kaman spent eight years in Los Angeles with the Clippers before last year with Dallas and the one prior in New Orleans.

The Milwaukee Bucks and Carlos Delfino agreed to a three-year deal. The Rockets cut ties with Delfino while clearing cap space for Dwight Howard.

Anthony Morrow is still a hot commodity on the open market. The Grizzlies, Warriors, Bobcats, Lakers, Spurs, Suns, Rockets, and Knicks have reached out to the 3-point specialist.

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